End of year Reflection

Know way its end of year already
this has been a blast
this has been a great experience with my AWESOME teacher Nic 🙂
at first i didn’t get it but now i do.

My hardest part this year was the music videos we entered the digi awards and we won the music video!

My fav part this year was when it was SNOWING!!!

My easiest part this year was making friends like Alexandra and Erin BFFS

here is my 1 year in 60s hope you like it

Inquiry Reflection

This week we had a run through of the exhibition and I thought it went really well. We are pleased with our work but we still need to do 2 more coats of brown for the logs on the outside.


It is dark brown on the outside. The walls on the inside are white. The floor is a reddish brown. The couch is blue with a skin colour pillow and a dark pink one. The coffee table is a nice green. The book is purple. The remote is gold. The T.V. is black.


For the exhibition I will need: A lunchbox full of food, a drink bottle and a jacket with some some nice clothes on underneath.


WE learnt that taking in the offensive comments is hard and painful but sometimes is is good.


By Meg & Millie


We love ANIMALS!!!

Log House Achievement

are last week goal was to be half way finshed  we did it 🙂
I have achieved the poster and the right amount to righting
I am proud of the size of the poster
The hardest part was getting the right size paper and righting the script
Next week my goal is to have our exhibit half finished / finished / we are just about done we just need to get it and paint it


i have achieved my academic goal bye remembering that 2 times 0 is 0 ya me.(new goal)i want to know my division 

i achieved my personal goal by not being tired when i am going walking.(new goal)not giving up when i when i am walking.

i have achieved my social by having lots of friends but i still want to have that goal


i want to kept my physical goal


End of term Reflection

Wow end of term already

i will tell you what i have achieved and not achieved this term.Goal i have achieved my goal…

My hardest goal:My gecko art because all have to fit it is really really really HARD!!!

My best goal:would be my fish art because it was fun making fish.

My easyest goal:would be are music videos because it toke us like a week or more.

My social goal:i want to get better at not being mean to people when they stell my friends but lisien up if any of you try to slell my friend better watch OUT I WILL GET YA.

My sport goal:is to run faster because i can never tag any one but when we move we will be doing a lot of walking maybe like the plaza.

My Academic goal:i have been not reading many books because we have been packing

My personal goal:Is PERSONAL!!!

My handwriting goal:is to not rush and to be neat.

My math goal:i will tell you what times tables i have completed i my hole life 1x,2x,3x,4x,5x,9,11,10, not i want to get my 6x,7x.8x now thats all i need

My literacy goal:i want to be abale to spell more because i want to be as smart as alexandra

Next term i want to focus on aways bring my lirbiy books back